108sims Stories and Challenges

Hello and welcome!
I'm Allison, 108sims. I'm mainly a Sims 4 player, but I also play the rest of the sims games as well. Below are my challenges.

Alien Adventures CEA
Icarus Copeland has been fascinated by space ever since he was a child. He set out to join the CEA and learn more about his alien heritage and maybe even travel to the stars!

Generation One - Icarus (New April 6, 2020)

The Fates Were Merciful: EPIC
After losing her father, the love of her life, and the support from her family Amanda 'Andi' Banks didn't think life could get much tougher. However, a brush with Death and the Fates has changed her life in a way she never thought possible.

Generation One  - Amanda 'Andi' (New March 27, 2020)

The Willowsburg Name Game
With my Simself at the helm of the challenge, can the family complete all the letters of the alphabet. Filled with goofy, defiant sims, and tons of babies.

Generation One - Ali (Simself)

Generation Two - Arizona Von Matterhorn (New July 1, 2020)

100 Little Mermaids
Hibiscus is tasked with bringing colorful mermaids back to the island of Sulani.

Generation One - Hibiscus Copeland (New July 19 2020)

Kane Genetic Roulette
Diana and Dionyza have been tasked with raising fourteen children to young adulthood. Some child prove to be easier than others. (New May 18, 2020)

Rainbow Canyon BACC
Rainbow Canyon is a brand new town, and things are just getting started. It's perfect for a fresh start and to be whoever you want to be.

Week One (New June 30, 2020)

Second Chances Baby Boom
The death of her parents left Ophelia hearbroken and alone. Forced to live with her aunt, whom she suspects of murder, Ophelia tried but failed to navigate life in Strangetown. Now she's off to find a fresh start, a second chance of her own. (New July 31, 2020)
The Grey Alphabetacy
Founding Generation: Lily Grey

The Copeland Legacy
A ten generation legacy, that originally started off as an alphabet legacy, full of aliens and fluffy romance. (Hosted on Tumblr)

Fiona's Bachelorette Challenge
My generation seven heir Fiona enters a Bachelorette Challenge to find love. Will it be everything she hoped for? (Hosted on Google Slides)
Hibsicus's Bachelorette Challenge
Hibiscus spent most of her teen years and early adulthood engrossed in dog training. Despite the warning from her grandmother about the perils of a Bachelorette Challenge, she decides to have one anyway. Will she regret her choice? (Hosted on Tumblr)
They Did the Mash! They Did the Monster Mash!
Allen Pines sets out to start a family, and have a child that is a combination of all supernatural creatures. What is he getting himself into? 
Delia's Evil Asylum
Evil Delia is charged with looking after seven supernatural creatures, all living in a warehouse next to a graveyard full of people who she may or may not have killed. Will they all survive? 
Sunday Spring's Easter Egg Challenge
Sunday and her dog Daisy set off on an adventure to find all the Easter Eggs hidden in the game.

Poisoned Laurels a Black Widow Challenge
Tired of being ignored by the vampire community because of her weak bloodline, Laurel decides to make a name for herself and get Vlad's attention by preying on innocent humans. 

Discontinued Challenges
Ocean OWBC
Celsete is an alien from another planet trying to live her life on Sim Earth, however, her experiences are anything but normal. (Partially Hosted on Google Slides)
A Perfect Alphabetacy
Can the Patterson family go 26 generations while maintaining pink hair and eyes?